Our pools are made in the USA. Be sure to avoid the low priced Chinese and Japanese pools that are floating around the market. They carry no warranty. Above ground pools come in round and oval shapes and are made from a wide variety of material. If you are looking for an entry level pool system you may look toward the Yorkshire above ground pool models which are made of galvanized steel and are economically priced. We also offer the top of the line Oxford above ground swimming pool made from aluminum which will last virtually forever! Other pools such as the Paradise is made from resin materials making it safe for salt water pools.
Refund & Delivery Policy

Returns and exchanges, if applicable, must be made within 15 days of receipt of goods. Returns or exchanges after 15 days will not be accepted. All returns and exchanges will comply with our normal return policy.

Once a sale is made and payment completed, the item(s) your ordered are considered to be in process. Once an order is in process, it can be cancelled but there may be restocking fees, handling fees, shipping fees, and other fees that may be applied to a cancelled order. Order for items such as liners, covers, items that are sanitary in nature such as saunas, etc, cannot be returned. Custom orders may not be returned as they are ordered specially for you and cannot be resold to another customer. Items such as liners, pool kits, or any other special order merchandise may not be returned.

If you choose to return an item or refuse delivery on an item, you will be responsible for the shipping incurred by us to send the products to you, as well as the shipping to send the goods back to us or our suppliers. You will also be subject to a 25% restocking fee on allowable returned items. All items MUST be in new condition with all proper packing material and paperwork shipped back to us. If the goods cannot be sold in NEW CONDITION, a refund will not be issued and goods will be rejected, or available for you to pickup and ship back to yourself.

Be sure that the item you are ordering is what you want and the size, color, shape, design, etc is exactly what you are looking for. If you are not sure, please ask us for any additional information prior to purchase. Returning an item can become costly and the credit card company will refer to this page as a reference that you understand this information, and accept these terms and conditions posted on the check out screen. The credit card company will not be able to dispute the transaction if you simply decide to return the goods, or refuse delivery. The above fees would still apply with no recourse.

How to properly receive your goods

Please read the below information as you need to understand your rights as a consumer and what you need to do at delivery. READ THE PAPERS YOU ARE SIGNING. It clearly states your rights and what you are signing. Be sure to note ANY exceptions on the BILL OF LADING prior to signing.

If you receive missing or damaged merchandise, you need to notify the carrier upon receiving the order. Note on the freight bill the problem you encountered. You will need to contact us right away at 863-824-3409 so we can get your missing or damaged parts shipped to you immediately. Damaged items need to be sent back and refused in order to get proper replacement for no charge.


If you didn't sign your Bill of Lading as damaged, we will have no resource except to file a claim and see if the freight line will pay for it. If they pay the claim, we can send you the parts. If not, you will have to pay for the parts, or try to get your own claim filed. We are only responsible for goods if we have a signed copy of the BOL from you indicating the goods are damaged, with a detailed description of the problem. You have 48 hours to check the goods and file your own concealed damage claim. Companies do not always pay on concealed damage so you should fully check the entire order upon delivery.

Wrong Order Our Mistake

If you placed an order and we made the mistake of shipping out the wrong goods, we will be responsible for the fees involved in the pickup of the goods. Wrong order does not include substitutions for a better quality item or slight variances in colors, etc. This is for completely incorrect items.

Wrong Order Customer Mistake

If the order was a mistake on your part, you will need to pay for shipping back to us as well as be subject to a 25% restocking fee and the shipping we incurred to get it to you. There may be other handling fees as well. You are responsible for your own mistakes on any order. If you place an order over the phone, you are responsible for the order as we can only order what you tell us. Please place your order online to be sure you are ordering the correct items. An email is sent to you with your ordered items. Confirm this information as soon as you order your goods to make sure its 100% correct PRIOR to shipping.


I agree that we will pay our credit card, google transactions, etc according to our card holder agreement. I further agree and understand that I may not file a chargeback for any reason except a case of a fraudulent transaction that I did not make. Agreeing to purchase goods from Under the Sun Distribution will waive my rights to a chargeback against Under the Sun Distribution. Any fees associated with collecting unpaid funds, goods, fees, or services will be charged to the customer at the fullest extent available under law. If the an account falls into collections, the standard collection fee is 30% of the total invoice plus any other applicable fees.


All orders are processed and charged to you in US Dollars. Any credits, refunds, exchanges, etc will be refunded back to you in US Dollars only. We are not responisble for any conversion rate outside of the US Dollar. We do not convert any currency for you to make a purchase nor to we collect funds from you in a currency other than the US Dollar.


See above: How to properly receive your goods

Delivery is curbside only. You will need to arrange to bring the products into your home or yard. The freight line on large orders is only allowed to deliver to your curb. You will need to inspect all goods prior to signing for the merchandise to assure there is no damaged or missing parts.

In the event of freight damage, replacement parts can be sent out to solve most issues with your items. We would need to ensure the freight bill was signed as damaged and would require you to send pictures of the damaged items to us in email or regular mail. Upon receiving pictures, we can start the process to solve your issues. Parts can only be sent out if you signed as damaged, or we have a paid freight claim from the carrier.

We strive to have 100% customer satisfaction and realize that problems can occur with merchandise during shipping. Please advise the driver of any problems before you sign and get all problems in writing signed by you and the driver. With proper documentation, we can all get what we want in the end;A happy homeowner with a pool, and summers full of fun and enjoyment.

Merchandise Warranty

You are purchasing products from our company. We do not warranty products nor supply installation of products. In the unlikely event that you have a problem with your purchased product, you must contact the manufacturer of the product to obtain help with fixing your product or obtaining a replacement. Your only remedy is to deal directly with the manufacturer unless the product was delivered damaged due to a shipping problem. Our company will not be held liable for any fees associated with installation, repair, service, etc for any item. Please refer to the manufacturer on your remedy for the product that you purchased with a manufacturer defect.
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